Unemployed or Underemployed?

Career testing is perfect if you are unemployed or underemployed and your daily mantra is: "I need a new job now!"

The first and best online career test, the MAPP career test can help you focus on the careers and jobs you are best suited for.

Don’t waste time by looking for jobs that won’t be a good match for you. You don’t want to be saying “I need a new job now” over and over again as you jump from one unfulfilling job to the next.

Learn your true calling and find a career you’ll love with the MAPP career test.

MAPP a Path to Your Next Well-Paying Job

If you’re unemployed or underemployed, chances are you’re pounding the pavement, looking for a job that will pay the bills.

But take a step back and make sure you are looking for a job that truly suits you – one where you can grow, be challenged and that offers a path to more money and greater success.

Knowing what career you are best suited for is half the battle. The free MAPP career test takes 15 minutes to fill out. Then upgrade to a MAPP career package and we’ll match you to over 1000 jobs, according to your unique MAPP profile. Plus, we give you some tips about how to interview and conduct a successful job search in our blog, MAPP Career Minute.




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