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Sunday, May 11, 2014

How to Work the Room at a Career Fair

Career fairs can be a mixed bag. Sometimes they can feel overwhelming and a waste of time.

But with some preparation and patience, career fairs can be an excellent way to make a positive impression on potential employers.

Career fairs are great for job-seekers. But first know what career you're best suited for!
Here are four tips to make the most of a career fair:

1. Research Employers Ahead of Time

Most career fairs list attending businesses and organizations, and they may even give you a preliminary look at what they're looking for.

If it's a big career fair and you’re worried you won’t have time to talk to everyone, make a list of the companies you’re most interested in. Do your research: go to their websites before you attend the fair. You don't want to ask obvious questions that are easily answered on the company's website.

2. Bring Your Resume

Bring plenty of copies of your resume. Even if you’ve already submitted your resume or CV online, it's always a good idea to bring paper copies to the career fair.

Remember to tailor your resume to every job. That could easily mean that you have several different versions of your resume. Take some time, research the company and rewrite your resume so it sounds like you're the perfect candidate for the particular job they're hiring for.

3. Think of It as an Interview

Dress professionally, make eye contact, answer questions thoughtfully and ask appropriate and engaging questions -- the more specific, the better. You generally want to act as though you're being evaluated for a job by every person you meet.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Network

In addition to talking with company representatives, you can also network with other job seekers. Making connections and growing your network will always pay off in the long run. Bring plenty of business cards with you. Never let a one-track mind blind you to all of the networking possibilities inherent during a career fair.

Spring is a perfect time for career renewal, and lots of job fairs will be popping up. Take advantage and attend as many as you can.

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