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Monday, October 7, 2013

How to Look for a Job (and Not Get Tricked) in Today's Job Market

Unsatisfied with your job and want to know how to look for a job in today's job market? You're not alone.

During this season of change, with Halloween at the end of the month, you'll want to use your time wisely, avoid pitfalls and treat yourself to satisfying changes rather than nasty tricks.

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Shocked by how hard it can be to look for a job? Maybe you're not looking in the areas of your strength.
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The next step is to avoid getting tricked by these common job-hunting traps:

1. Don’t Limit Yourself.

The trick: Just because you’re flipping burgers right now doesn’t mean you can’t move into a better, more satisfying career. Don't get tricked by short-sighted thinking and limiting yourself to safe options. Moving into your dream career starts with a dream and then with adjusting your attitude. 

The treat: Get a boost of self-confidence. You can accomplish anything, as long as you have the right attitude and aptitude (that's why a career test is so helpful!). 

2. Don’t Take It Casually.

The trick: Looking for a job is in itself a part-time job. Unless you’ve got a ton of disposable income and massive cushion, looking for work is also time-sensitive. The job interview process will take time,  so instead of banking on a few submissions and crossing your fingers, keep submitting resumes and scheduling additional interviews. 

The treat: Treat yourself to a wide variety of job options, as long as they're in your general career "wheelhouse" (get a career package to find out). 

3. Don’t Sit In the Dark.

The trick: One of the biggest mistakes job-seekers make is not taking the job of looking for a job seriously Learning how to job hunt is often just as vital as polishing your resume and picking out dress shirts. Perhaps you’re only using one job hunting channel – the newspaper or, for example, and you're finding the same companies and positions over and over again.

The treat: Get some education, and pick up one of the many books or guided courses, or take a local job-hunting seminar (free at many local libraries). Knock on all the doors and use all of the job hunting channels available to you, including networking your way into a job!

When you fully understand where your job personality lies, you will be far more equipped to know how to look for a job and not get tricked in the process.

After you take the MAPP career test, learn what jobs you are best suited for with a comprehensive career package -- and let us treat you to $10 off with the coupon code "MyCareer."

Happy job hunting!


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